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31 December 2018


Happy New Year 2019




Sally Inis Feny
Fanwy Ella
Ima Roxy Silver


We all together wish our Corgi friends
a happy and healthy New Year



24 December  2018





December  2018


We wish all our Corgi friends
a wonderful Advent




14 / 15 November  2018



Mating announcement of
Gawin and Feny

On the 14th and 15th November 2018 our Feny was mated by Gawin the red-white male “CH Waggerland Queue Behind me” from Angelika Ludwig. We know and love Gawin already since he was a small Puppy. With his courageous, quiet and open Nature Gawin is very impressive and fits ideally to our rather cautius and enthusiastic, obedient Feny. Also phenotypical they fit perfectly together, Gawin's origin fits very well to our Line. Now we hope, that in the middle of January 2019 Feny's first Litter with lovely and healthy Puppies will be born, which we expect in tricolour and for the very first time in red-white.


Ch. Waggerland Queue Behind Me   Ch. Joy Transfer Phenomenal Phenah
- Gawin -  



11 November  2018



Our R-Litter


Roxy and her siblings from our R-litter are 4 months old. From now on, we do not count the age of the growing Youngsters anymore in weeks, but already in months  ... Everyone has settled very well in their new home and we are very pleased how well our Roxy has developed.


Joy Transfer Roxanne

























Oktober  2018


We have a new Champion


 Ch. Joy Transfer Phenomenal Phenah
- Feny -


Our Feny has in the meantime fulfilled all qualifications for both Titles German Champion VDH and German Champion CfBrH and exactly on her 3rd Birthday we received as a wonderful present her Champion-Certificate. Feny's official Name is “Ch. Joy Transfer Phenomenal Phenah “. We are proud of our pretty and loveable Feny.






23 September  2018


 CAC-Show in Brandenburg


Since the Puppy time we have not visited Shows, but we liked very much the well organised Region Show Brandenburg in CfBrH Amusement Park Paaren/Glien on the 23rd of September. We started on our way very early in the morning with Silver, Sally and Feny. The very nice day we spent with the loveable company of the Families of Melwyn and Ingram's daughter Brienna as well as Orelian Black Knight (Puck) and Baby Mars (Rhyan) and could together enjoy the success of our Dogs.

Sally - Joy Transfer Our Blue Sally - has been judged with Exc.1 in the Champion Class, received CAC, was Best Female Dog, we are very proud of these further BOS of Sally;

- Joy Transfer Phenomenal Phenah - has been judged with Exc.1 in the Open Class has received CAC and fulfilled with these all requirements for her both German Champion-Titles;

Silver - Joy Transfer Quicksilver - has won with Exc.1 and CAC the male intermediate-Class;

Melwyn - Joy Transfer Melwyn in Blue - has won with Exc.1 and CAC in the male Open Class;

Puck - Joy Transfer Orelian Black Knight - received Excellent and 2nd Place and Res.CAC in the male Open Class.


Joy Transfer Our Blue Sally
Exc.1, CAC + BOS








August/Sepember  2018


Our R-Litter

A bit late - but still time to enjoy it

Impressions of our Puppies from Inis and Silver
from the age of 6 weeks until moving to their new homes




Roxy always quickly on the way

Inis loves her Puppies (mostly) very much




Our pretty and smart Rebecca, named Beccy, is in the meantime in her new home now called Rhonda.
Without a dog it is impossible - and now even a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.... Rhonda is the beloved Sunshine,
 with whom her new People parents can now have a good time in their retirement.










Myfanwy finds her role as Grandmother very important.





Rhonan and Roxy











Rhisiart - Blue - is now Cujo




Rhyan-Mars and Inis

Only when it becomes more shady, all of them are then active in this hot summer




Silver is a fantastic father - he is very sensitive and patient and has lots of pleasure with his Puppies








Unsere süßen Blues Brothers - Cujo (Rhisiart) und Ianto (Rhysianto) -





Roxanne - Roxy




Silver and Rhonan


A mother has always much to do





Inis almost never lets her Puppies out of her sight




Both Girls

Rhisiart - Blue - Cujo

Roxanne - Roxy




The beautiful Rhodri always knows more or less how to be good and occupy himself. He is now very happy,
with his Uncle Barney (Silvers brother Quest of Luck) and Grandma Ziva and
to be with his loveable People parents Nicole and Michael and gives lots of happiness.




Rhyan - Mars


Blue - Cujo









If Mama would not now hinder me ...

Rhyan-Mars looks if butter would not melt in his mouth ...

Distraction is always a good educational method




Roxy practises whizzing - not strong but fast 




Inis and Blue-Cujo
Australia can't be found



Roxy mit Ohren
Rhodri und Ianto
Rhodri und Rhonan



Rhisiart - Blue - Cujo - he knows how pretty he is and twist everyone round his little finger respectively around his paws.
In the meantime he is already the loveable centre of attention of his people Parents
and graduated with flying colours his qualification as School dog with children.




Our loveable Fluffy Rhyan - is now called Mars. He has found a big fantastic Family,
 where he is very happy together with his big Brother Puck (Orelian Black Knight) from the first Litter of Inis,
where he belongs as a loveable fourlegged member of the Family.



Rhysianto - named Ianto - was allowed to keep his beautiful name
and has convinced his new People parents and their children that a life with a Corgi is marvellous.
Both of the big Main-Coon-Cats also will think the same shortly, so loveable is Ianto.



Roxy and Rhyan-Mars


Rhonan and Roxy




Rhodri, Roxy, Rhonan

Rhyan  - Mars

Rhodri and his father Silver




Rhonan will continue to be named Rhonan. Once Corgi - always Corgi.
With lots of class and cheerfulness he maintains as respectful successor of Dustin (JT Crispin) and his predecessor Susi,
the decades of Cardigan Corgi Tradition with his new owners and takes care of very much happiness.




Silver und seine Tochter Roxy





With mixed feelings.
The farewell is not easy for us, but we know our Puppies are in very good hands and see the happiness in the new Families.
When the Puppies move out, normal procedure is returning, a quieter and relaxing normal day for us and the big dogs return.


Last but not least - also we are again very happy with a new Puppy,
because Roxy has conquered our heart, we simply could not give her away. She stays with us for ever
and takes care of lots of luck and happiness with all two legged- and the fourlegged.

  Joy Transfer Roxanne  
  - Roxy -  


19 August  2018


- Sunday in the Garden -

Our R-Puppies at the age of 5 weeks are now  very good on their feet and find life very exciting.
Such a quiet Sunday for us and the Puppies in the Garden is at least as nice as having a holiday.




Inis is a very good mother with experience
Rhonan, Blue, Ianto
and Inis has a lot of work with her puppies



Joy Transfer Rebecca
- Beccy -



Ianto and Beccy



Inis und Myfanwy auf Patrouille
Joy Transfer Rhisiart
- Blue -
Blue and Ianto



Blue and Ianto
Joy Transfer Rhodri
- Rhodri -



Rhodri and Inis
Rhodri and Inis
Rhodri and Inis



 Silver andRhonan



Silver hat seine Welpen immer im Blick
Roxy und Ianto
Rhyan und Ianto



Joy Transfer Rhyan
- Rhyan -



Joy Transfer Rhysianto
- Ianto -



Joy Transfer Roxanne
- Roxy -



Roxy and Blue
Daughter Roxy and father Silver



13 August  2018

- New Photos are ready -
Today our Puppies are 33 days old.



Joy Transfer Rebecca
, red-p.tri.
- Beccy -

Joy Transfer Roxanne
, bri.-p.tri.
- Roxy -







Joy Transfer Rhonan
, bri.-p.tri.
- Rhonan -
Joy Transfer Rhyan
, bri.-p.tri.
- Rhyan -
Joy Transfer Rhodri
, red-p.tri.
- Rhodri -






Joy Transfer Rhysianto
, blue merle
- Ianto -

Joy Transfer Rhisiart
, blue merle
- Blue -




6 August  2018


Both sisters
are so cute and
wish everyone a nice week




- Roxy -

- Beccy -



  Joy Transfer Roxanne and Joy Transfer Rebecca
- 25 days old -



4 August  2018


Youth Champion
Joy Transfer Quintessence

- Quinn -


At last Quinn also has now his own Page on our Homepage.

The enterprising Quinn feels happy at Shows and we rejoice with his success, exactly as we value his very good Health results. In the meantime he has his application as a Stud Dog. He is the Litter-brother of our Silver (Joy Transfer Quicksilver). Both are available for mating with good suitable females of respectable Breeding.

(Please click at the button)












30 July  2018


Today our R-Puppies
are 19 days old



If they are not just sleeping, they are preparing themselves for the "real world" with open eyes and ears. All Puppies are healthy and lively. Only the extreme hot weather gave them a lot of trouble. Now in the Puppy Box are Hotwater bottles filled with very cold water. We thank the Breeding Controller for her very good idea. These Cooling pillows are a big relief for the Puppies and are frequently in use by them, to cool off. The little ones know already very well what is good for them.





Does not taste bad, this first Baby-Mousse.
It is also  very useful for smearing themselves !






It is still the very best with Mother Inis.






Freshly cleaned, full and satisfied
They please me especially well






More Photos and always up to date information in the R - Litter Photograph Album
are available with one Click on the Button

Further Information about the Puppies and their Parents and Origin
are available with one Click on the Button




19 July  2018


- Inis and her Puppies -

Photos from the first week
in the whelping box



Inis is really a perfect mother, so that our R - Litter developed  greatly in the first week. With good health everything is peaceful in the small Litterbox World. Nevertheless sleeping and suckling is a strenuous fulltime activity in the hot weather. In spite of this the even Birthweight of just over 300gr. has already doubled with each puppy.

The R - Litter - Pages on the Homepage are now ready :

More Photos and always up to date information in the R - Litter Photograph Album
are available with one Click on the Button


Further Information about the Puppies and their Parents and Origin
are available with one Click on the Button









mehr Fotos:





11 July  2018


- The Very Best News ! -
R-Litter has been born


On the 11th July in the early morning hours , 7 wonderful Puppies from Inis and Silver were born.

There are 5 males (2 bluemerle, 2 brindle-point-tricolour, 1 red-point-tricolour) and two females (in red-point-tricolour and brindle-point-tricolour).

Inis is doing very well in her role and is a perfect mother. She is doing exceptionally well. All the Puppies are healthy and lively and already strongly raising their birth weight with plenty of rich mother milk. We are very happy with this very beautiful Litter and are delighted to see these Puppies growing up.

The appropriate Puppy-Page in the Home Page I will update in the next few days, at the moment it is difficult for me to be too long away from the Litterbox …

For all of you who will be happy with us, here are already some first Photos of the newly born R-Puppies and their Mother Inis:






































2 July  2018


Our successful "boys"
at the CACIB-Shows in Hanover


On Saturday, 30th June, at the International CACIB-Show
Silver started in the Intermediate Class and won with V1, he also was awarded with CAC and CACIB-Res. In the meantime he is 18 month old and presented himself very well at the Show. He received from Judge Barbara Müller of Switzerland a great report. We are very happy.

Joy Transfer Quicksilver
Exc.1, CAC + CACIB-Res.





Am On Sunday, 1st July at the Annual Trophy Show
judged by Rachel Dijkhorst-Noij, NL,
Myrddin  won Exc.2 in the Champion Class, CAC-Res and CACIB-Res., also Quinn was awarded Exc.1 in the Intermediate Class and CAC.


Ch. Joy Transfer Myrddin
V2, CAC-Res. + CACIB-Res.

- Myrddin -


Joy Transfer Quintessence
Exc.1, CAC

- Quinn -


We heartily congratulate Anke with Myrddin and Sandra with Quinn, carry on the good work !






4 June  2018



Inis and Silver

Our long awaited R-Litter is on its way

- first Photos -

We made a visit with Inis in the Animal Clinic  and we are enormously happy with what we saw on the Ultrasound.
Now we hope everything goes well and our little miracle to which we owe thanks to Silver and Inis
will come safe and sound into the world on the 10th July.


More information about the planned Litter on the Page


More information about the parents Inis and Silver
on their own Pages

Ch. Guinever's Joy Inis-Hir



Jgd.Ch. Joy Transfer Quicksilver









May  2018


- Sally -

Ch. Joy Transfer Our Blue Sally
In one year since May 2017 on 7 show Sally had 5 times CAC,
in connection with 3 x BOB, 1 x BOS, 2 CACIB and Annual Trophy Winner 2017.
 We are very proud of our beautiful Sally.




20 May  2018


at the CAC-Show in Magdeburg


Whitsun Sunday we had a very nice and sunny successful Show day at the CAC-Show of the Region Group Sachsen-Anhalt, and we met nice people with their dogs.  The Show was very well organised and we were happy that the Judge Petra Tietze was so pleased with our dogs.


Joy Transfer Our Blue Sally



- Ecx.1, CAC, Best Bitch, BOB -

We were paticulary happy with Sally's CAC and Best of Breed, because with that Sally has fulfilled all the requirements for both Titles German Champion VDH and German Champion CfBrH.

In one year since May 2017 this is the 5th CAC for Sally, in connection with 3 x BOB, 1 x BOS, 2 CACIB and Annual Trophy Winner 2017. We are very proud of our beautiful Sally.



- Joy Transfer Quicksilver -
Exc.1 and CAC  in Dogs Open Class



- Joy Transfer Phenomenal Phenah -
VG 1 in Bitches Open Class



- Joy Transfer Quintessence -
Quinn in the male Intermediate Class was awarded V and 2nd place and had success with the Behaviour Test.


Quinn's health examinations for the test and his application as a Stud Dog are gratifying :

Hips: HD B1 (VDH/FCI-Certificate),
Elbows: ED 0 (VDH/FCI-Certificate),
Eyes: PRA N/N (free, Gen-Tests Laboklin) and
free of all inherited Eye diseases (ECVO),
Spine: DM N/N (frei),
Coat:  L/L (fluff-free),
colours: E/e (Pink-carrier), D/D (Dilute free), B/B (Brown free).

Therefore Quinn is available as a Stud Dog  for healthy, suitable female dogs in VDH/FCI Breeding. Those interested can gladly make contact with us. Shortly Quinn will have his own Page at our HP.

We heartily congratulate Quinn's owner Sandra and Mario Kluge and thank them for their continous good actions and the support of their dogs.




Very nice was whitsun in Magdeburg - herewith some more impressions :



Quinn in Intermediate class (Exc.2)

Feny in Open class (VG1)





Silver in Open class (Exc.1 and CAC)

Sally as Best of Breed in BIS-Ring





 BOB Ring


















9 / 11 May  2018



Inis und Silver
- our dream couple -



We have again hope for Puppies. Silver had the nice opportunity, with his first experience as Stud Dog  to his beloved Inis. Now we are hoping that  everything goes as we wish and Inis will give birth around the 11th of July to a healthy Litter.


Youth Ch. Joy Transfer Quicksilver

Ch. Guinever's Joy Inis-Hir




29 April  2018


is a Good Citizen Dog

Ulrike and Heaven can be proud of that.

Just 16 months old Heaven
(Joy Transfer Quickstep to Heaven)
has passed as the best her exam as  Good Citizen Dog.
We warmly congratulate her with all due respect.


- Ulrike and Heaven -




27 Aril  2018


4 Generations of Joy Transfer
living together under one roof

 Ella - our oldest -
is celebrating her 14th Birthday on the 27th of April
in a healthy and lively condition

Happy Birthday Ella
- Ch. Joy Transfer Ella Elaine -





and her 16 months old Great-Grandson

Silver - our youngest -
celebrates as Youth Champion the start of his "Career"“.






also to Quinn and his owners Sandra and Mario,
 In the meantime Quinn (Joy Transfer Quintessence) is also

Deutscher Jugendchampion (VDH & CfBrH)





April  2018


Our "new" Stud Dog

Silvers website is updated:

(please click on the button)

In the meantime Silver has grown up to a magnificent dog. His health examinations and his Show results are very gratifying. Silver has fullfilled all Breeding qualifications, he passed his behaviour test very well and has now his application to be a stud dog.

We would be happy to have serious inquiries from VDH- respectively FCI-Breeders and Silver will be available to mate with suitable, pretty bitches with good health certficates.


Joy Transfer Quicksilver

Date of Birth 20 Dec. 2016

Studbook: VDH/ZBrH WCC 1473
Bundesjugendsieger 2017
German Youth Champion

- Silver -

Eyes: PRA N/N =  normal / free
(Progressive retinal atrophy, rcd3-PRA)
(DNA-Test, Laboklin)
  and free of all inherited Eye diseases ECVO (DOK)
Hips: HD B 1 VDH/FCI-Certificate
Elbows: ED 0 VDH/FCI-Certificate
Spine: DM N/N = normal / free
(Degenerative Myelopathy PCR, Exon 2)
(DNA-Test, Laboklin)
Coat: L/l = Fluff Carrier (DNA-Test, Laboklin)
Colour: blue merle with tan points
E-Locus: E/e = Clear Red/Pink Carrier
B-Locus: B/B = free of Liver/Brown















1 April  2018




13 March  2018




Man proposes - Nature disposes.

Unfortunately our Feny will not get Puppies in April, she will keep her bikini figure for a while. We celebrated too early. This good plan is now only postponed, but not cancelled. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to our R-Litter this year.


- Joy Transfer Phenomenal Phenah -









4 March 2018


Quinn is BOB
at the CAC-Show in Paaren/Glien


CAC - Show of the CfBrH Region Berlin, in Paaren/Glien, Judge Erika Heintz.

Quinn - Joy Transfer Quintessence - 
was shown in the Youth Class. He won Excellent 1 and Youth  CAC, was Best Cardigan Youth Dog, Best Male and BOB. Together with his owner Sandra and Mario Kluge we are very happy and congratulate him with his Best of Breed !


- Joy Transfer Quintessence -










18 February  2018


Quinn und Silver
at the CAC-Show in Buchholz


On Sunday we spent a beautiful Show Day at the CAC-Show Regional Group Hamburg of the Club for British Herding Dogs in Buchholz. Both Litter brothers  Quinn and Silver were together in the Youth Class and we are very proud on the results:


Joy Transfer Quicksilver Exc.1, Jgd.CAC, Best Youthdog

Joy Transfer Quintessence, Exc.2, Jgd.CAC.Res.






Congratulations to Quinn's proud owners


Especially pleased we are about the Youth-CAC from Silver, with this
third Qualification Silver has now all requirements for both his Titles
German Youth Champion VDH and German Youth Champion CfBrH.




13 February  2018


Welcome News !!!

On the 13th of February Feny was mated by Caelin !


Now we hope for our R- Puppies. Everything is always just as exciting as with the very first Litter, first we must be satisfied with hopeful anticipation. We impatiently look forward to the Litter time and want very much that Feny is now pregnant and will make us happy with her first Litter in the middle of April.

More details are to be found on our page "Litter Planning"

Ch. Waggerland Colour Confetti

Joy Transfer Phenomenal Phenah



(Ch. Waggerland Colour Confetti  / Joy Transfer Phenomenal Phenah )


Caelin and Feny in February 2018







7 February  2018



Winter Sunshine in February

In February Winter is showing itself from its' beautiful side. Not only Winter ...

We enjoyed the sunny, freezing afternoon with a small walk
 with Myfanwy, Inis, Sally, Feny and Silver.

Ella will soon be 14 years old and no longer likes the walks with the younger ones.
Together with her favourite Ima both the elderly Ladies enjoy themselves
in the snow on a sunny winter day.










January  2018


Best Wishes
to all our Corgi friends
and Happy New Year 2018




  Looking back at 2017



No Joy Transfer Puppies were born in 2017.


However some of our "Joy Transfers" had in other Kennels taken care of a promising  new generation.


At Easter in The Kennel "Sheep Crook"from Dr. Ann- Ly Peissner in Schorndorf  the Danish  Bitch "Faarup Linette" had six pretty and healthy Puppies in red and tricolour from Dr. Hanna Kobers "Ch. Joy Transfer Ingram".

Sheep Crook B-Litter (Ingram/Linett)

In addition "Joy Transfer Melwyn in Blue"was the father of a wonderful Litter with Ch.Uszaki Live Forever"at Yulia Martirosysants Kennel "Mel Bagushi" in Russia.


In France "Joy Transfer Perfect Black Pearl"- Perla- had in October seven bri.p.tri. Puppies from "Ch.Guinever's Joy Falster Ile". Falster is the uncle of our Inis.

Breeder is Dr. Evelyne Robinot, Kennel "Guinever's Joy".


Guinever's Joy N-Litter

A further Litter in France was born beginning of December at Céline Gobeaut's Kennel "Funny Flower Fields" there are 7 Puppies in blue merle and red-p. tri, from "Gandalf the Grey del Gaverne des Anges"
and "Joy Transfer Phyllis Phantasy" - Phillie -


Photos (right):
Funny Flower Fields New York City, tric. male
Funny Flower Fields Niagara Falls, blue merle female


Each of these Breeders kept a Puppy from these promising Litters. We are looking forward to see how the Puppies are growing up.



However although we did not ourselves have a Litter in 2017, the year started with the happy raising of our Q- Puppies, who were born on the 20th of December 2016. The first two months of the year 2017 we had lots of fun and activity. From this Litter stayed with us Silver (Joy Transfer Quicksilver). That was our best decision of 2017.

After raising the Puppies from our Q - Litter, in May it was time again for Show visiting and our super marvellous and restful holiday with all our dogs in Meigneux in France.


Silver was successfully shown in 2017 in the Baby-, Puppiy Dog- and Youth classes.

At the Corgi Show in France, which we visited in May during our holiday, Silver was on his very first Show "Best Baby ".

In the Puppie Dog Class he was shown twice at nice small Shows from the CfBrH at the "green meadow" in Magdeburg and Peine, both judged very promising 1 .

Silver's  first "performance"in the Youth Class was in October In Dortmund at the German Winners Show (Bundessiegerschau), where he won the title "German Youth Winner" (Bundesjugendsieger). We were especially very happy this day because at the same time as Silver his sister Amy (Joy Transfer Quite Amazing) won the title "German Young Winner (females) Amy  and above that Excellent and Youth CAC was won the next day by his brother Quinn (Joy Transfer Quintessence).
At the World Dog Show in Leipzig unfortunately  we had to be satisfied with "very good". But at the National Show in Kassel Silver won his second Excellent
1 and Youth CAC.




Sally (Joy Transfer Our Blue Sally) and Feny (Joy Transfer Phenomenal  Phenah)  our young ones from 2015, were sofar forward in Spring 2017, we could Show them in the Intermediate - and - Open Class and could begin to start  collecting Champion - Contentions (CAC's). After the course of the "waiting year" in Spring or Early Summer 2018, we hope to complete with another CAC German Champion -  Title for our two Girls.


Especially Sally was very successful, namely

 in May at the International Show in Erfurt Excellent 1 CAC, CACIB and BOB ;

Whitsun at the CAC Show at Magdeburg: Excellent 1 CAC and BOB;

in June at the Annual - Trophy - Winner - Show in Hannover : Excellent 1 CAC, CACIB, BOS;
(Annual Trophy Winner 2017)

in August at the CAC Show in Peine : Excellent 1 and CAC

in November at the World Dog Show in Leipzig : Excellent in the Open Class.


Feny (Joy Transfer Phenomenal Phenah) does not like Showing very much, therefore we are more than happy with her results:

at the Corgi-Show in France :  Excellent in the Youth Class,

Whitsun at the CAC - Show in Magdeburg : Excellent 1 and CAC (Intermediate Class),

in June at the Annual - Trophy - Winner - Show in Hanover: Excellent 1 and CAC,

in August at the CAC Show in Peine : Excellent 1 and CAC and Best Bitch and  BOB,

in December at the National Show in Kassel:  Excellent 1 and CAC.



From our Adult Dogs only Inis went to the Shows, she likes Showing very much. Her results :

in France at the Corgi Show: Excellent 1 in the Champion Class and Best Female Dog (BOS);

in May at the CACIB - Show in Erfurt:  Excellent 1, CAC and CACIB-Res. ;

in June at the Annual - Trophy - Winner - Show in Hannover : Excellent 1 , CAC , CACIB-Res. ;

in October at the German Winner Show in Dortmund : Excellent 1 CAC , CACIB-Res. ;

in November at the World Dog Show in Leipzig : Excellent 4 in Champion Class.




We can inform you about our other Girls, they are also doing very well without spectacular result. Ella goes strongly to her 14th Birthday in April 2018, she is extremely fit and healthy. Ima has her Birthday in January, she will be 9 years of age. Myfanwy is now 5 years old and she is just as happy as we are, that both her children Feny and Silver stayed with us..

- Ella -
Ch. Joy Transfer Ella Elaine
- Ima -
Joy Transfer Imogen
- Fanwy -
Ch. Joy Transfer Myfanwy


In 2017 again good health results for the Breeding Qualifications of our growing up youngsters :

Joy Transfer Our Blue Sally

HD-B2, ED-0,  free of hereditary Eye diseases (ECVO)

Joy Transfer Oracle of Orville

HD-B1, ED-0,  free of hereditary Eye diseases (ECVO)

Joy Transfer Otis on Stage

HD-B2, ED-0,  free of hereditary Eye diseases (ECVO)

Joy Transfer Phenomenal Phenah

HD-B1, ED-0,  free of hereditary Eye diseases (ECVO)

Joy Transfer Phillys Phantasy

HD-A,   ED-0,  free of hereditary Eye diseases (ECVO)

We wish a happy and healthy 2018



 Dezember 2017









    Joy Transfer
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