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23 May 2021






Happy Whitsun


 27 April 2021


Happy 17th Birthday

Ella reached today the age of 17 years.
In the meantime we realise she is 17 but sofar she is healthy,
has a good appetite and enjoys the small things in life.
Even with her great-great grandchildren she treats them lovingly
 when they are singly and not so stormy as a whole team.
She is a wonderful lady.
We appreciate, that we can celebrate her birthday and also to be able to
congratulate her litter brother Elwyn in Belgium on his 17th Birthday.

Ch. Joy Transfer Ella Elaine




Happy Easter

- Frohe Ostern - Happy Easter - Joyeuses Pâques - Pasg Hapus - Gelukkig Pasen - Glad Pask - God Paske - Buona Pasca - Felices Pasquas -



 21. März 2021


Our V-Puppies are3 weeks old
and explore the World with open Eyes
Very Blue Voyager
 blue merle
Very Special Vincent
Vision in Blue
 blue merle
Joy Transfer

Date of Birth 28.02.2021
3 weeks old

  Very Handsome Valentin
Vivianna Spring Flower
 blue merle
Veronika Spring Delight
 blue merle
Viola Violet
 blue merle
Victoria Crown Jewel
Velvet in Black
Virginia Spring Jewel




15 March 2021


- May I introduce -

Joy Transfer  V - Litter

(Joy Transfer Melwyn in Blue / Joy Transfer Roxanne)
Date of Birth 28 February 2021




Joy Transfer Very Special Vincent
 brindle-point-tricolour Rüde





Joy Transfer Very Blue Voyager
 blue merle Rüde





Joy Transfer Very Handsome Valentin
 red-point-tricolour Rüde





Joy Transfer Vision in Blue
 blue merle Rüde





Joy Transfer Voltaire
 red-point-tricolour Rüde
- Voltaire -





Joy Transfer Velvet in Black
 brindle-point-tricolour Hündin





Joy Transfer Viola Violet
 blue merle (mit red-points) Hündin
- Viola -





Joy Transfer Victoria Crown Jewel
 brindle-point-tricolour Hündin






Joy Transfer Veronika Spring Delight
 blue merle Hündin






Joy Transfer Virginia Spring Jewel
 brindle-point-tricolour Hündin






Joy Transfer Vivianna Spring Flower
 blue merle Hündin







 07 March 2021



Sunday Greetings
from the Sunday Puppies


Roxy's are now 1 week old
and the family is very well



Roxy and her Puppies









 28 February 2021




Sunday Puppies


- The next Generation -
Our Joy Transfer V- Puppies have arrived in the World


Since sunday 28  february 2021 Roxy is a loveable, proud and healthy mother of her first Litter with 11 healthy and beautiful Puppies. There are
5 boys (1 brindle-point-tricolour, 2 red-point-tricolour, 2 blue merle) and
6 girls ( 3brindle-point-tricolour and 3 blue merle).

The parents are      Joy Transfer Melwyn in Blue + Joy Transfer Roxanne  
The puppy site will follow soon.

We are enormously happy with this big healthy dog family and looking forward to an exciting Spring.

With the expected delivery of the Puppies, we have already for some time been in personal contact with very well suited and interested puppy owners, so that for the time being we cannot consider any further new Puppy inquiries for a Family dog. However we only make binding decisions when the Puppies are a little more grown up.


Roxy and her newborns















 2 February 2021



Have a nice February

We wish you a good time with some photos



Teggy und Sally  

Joy Transfer Tianna Teglys    and her mother   Ch. Joy Transfer Our Blue Sally
Joy Transfer Roxanne
Ch. Guinever's Joy Inis-Hir
Ch. Joy Transfer Our Blue Sally
Joy Transfer Tianna Teglys
Ch. Joy Transfer Myfanwy
Joy Transfer Imogen
Ch. Joy Transfer Ella Elaine
Ch. Joy Transfer Phenomenal Phenah
Ch. Joy Transfer Quicksilver



25 January 2021


Our Joy Transfer V - Litter

Hier are the first Pictures of the next Joy Transfer Generation.

Roxy expects from Melwyn her first Litter the beginning  of March.
We have been to the Ultrasound, everything is developing well and we are enormously happy about Roxy's future Litter.












31 December 2020 / 01 January 2021


Happy New Year

and ...

Our Breeding Programme
Turn of the Year
2020 / 2021




On New Year’s Eve, Roxy was mated by our four-legged guest Melwyn (Joy Transfer Melwyn in Blue). This is a good end to the past year and the hope for Puppies is a very good start in the New Year 2021.
We wish you a Happy New Year, in which we all stay healthy and hopefully even meet us again.



Joy Transfer Melwyn in Blue


Joy Transfer Roxanne




we wish you a
happy and healthy New Year




























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