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- 28 February 2021 -
Our Joy Transfer V- Puppies have arrived in the World

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- Not for sale -

With the expected delivery of the Puppies, we have already for some time been in personal contact with very well suited and interested puppy owners, so that for the time being we cannot consider any further new Puppy inquiries.




Our previous Litters
1999 - 2020

A complete review
of all litters we have bred so far
from 1999 until today
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(Joy Transfer A-Litter 1999 - Joy Transfer U-Litter 2020)




You are interested in one of our Puppies ?


It is very important to us, that our Puppies are going to a really good fitting and permanent home.

Naturally, when all our Puppies move to their new homes they are well socialized. They are at an appropiate age and have learnt different environments, situations, noises and naturally lots of friendly people. Our Puppies live as part of a loving family group with us and the adult dogs in our house. Of course our dogs also have access to the garden, they do not know a Kennel.

It is important to us, that the Puppies get the best start for their future lives in a perfect home.

Before handing over the Puppies, they have been several times dewormed, examined by the Vet, Microchipped and they had,  depending on their age at least the first injection (SHPPi + L4) together with their EU-Vaccination Passport. You receive Papers/Pedigree from the Club f. Britische Hütehunde e.V. =  German Club for British Shepherd Dogs (VDH/FCI).

If you have thought very well about your wish for a Puppy and are seriously interested in one of our Puppies we would like to exchange information with you for the moment per e-mail, eventually with a friendly telephone call (Phone 0049 5286 1303) to exchange closer information, getting to know each other personally before handing over our Puppies is a must. We do not shipping our Puppies by Plane.

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  If you would like to know more about our Puppies (who are in the meantime grown up dogs) from the earlier Litters bred by us, you can find these on the Pages of Earlier Litters (Frühere Würfe).




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